Welcome at Domaine les Piéris

Dreaming to stay in a Norman countryside near the sea. Marc and Laurence welcome you to their Cottage called "Les Piéris" and they will be delighted  to help you discover this historical area, in the heart of beach landings.


The charm of a country house

The cottage, who was in the 18th century a typical Normandy farm, is located 2 Km from the sea. Peaceful, conmfortable, elegant, you'll find everything you need for an unforgettable stay with your familly and/or friends.

chambre d'hote

Bed ans breakfast with a capacity of 1 to 4 people for discovery stay


Wooden tipis are perfect for a break in love or family, in an atypical setting


Gites for 8 and 4 people, ideal for family or friends

You stay at Les Piéris


Immerse yourself in the beautiful countrified setting of this cottage, where their extended familly enjoy their peaceful life. You will meet their two donkeys named Perle and Serpollette,ans Oscar, their adorable dog. To delight young and old visitors, you will also see in the yard their sheeps, chicke,s, turkeys enjoying their lifetime in their pasture.

And from June to September, enjoy the heated pool on site.